Art Prize

Northbridge Adult Art Prize 2019

The Northbridge Adult Art Prize is now in its 15th year. With affordable entry fees, the competitions represent a wonderful opportunity for local and international artists ranging in age and scope to present their work to the community.

Northbridge Youth Art Prize 2019

The Northbridge Youth Art Prize is now in its 11th year. In 2019 the Youth Art Prize and an exhibition of the work of local youth artists will coincide with the Emerge Festival. The theme is Resilient Cities. This exhibition is for young artists aged up to 18 years old.

In 2019 the theme for both Art Prizes is Resilient Cities.

All entries will include elements of recycling or sustainability, in materials and/or theme.
Exploring environmental changes, celebrating difference, valuing originality, obtaining balance, connecting communities, managing waste and rubbish, moving forward.
What will we keep? What will we change?