Press Coverage


Press Coverage

Farwell to our Northbridge location.

We had a wonderful time becoming part of Northbridge and surrounding community.

We are thrilled that we can still connect through these amazing on-line platforms brought to life through COVID who would have thought it could have a positive side. So we wont say good bye but instead see you later.

On-line Classes

Classes are continuing to run on-line for those who wish to participate .

T4 second half has just started .

Project number two - this is a two part project created over two weeks . Part one drawing vase shapes .Select your favourite shape or test out your skills and create your own shape. Once selected create a design to out on your vase we will be using water colours for this part of the project.

The first project is to create a Christmas or other celebration wreath.

So far our young artists have been hard at work sketching and then designing their unique wreath designs .

Next week we will get to work colouring the designs.


Change of location for on-site classes.

We are relocating to the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.

We are still able to provide for our young artists through our on-line art classes


provide new experiences in our yet to be found new location.

Urgent Message
Take action before Wed 24th November 2021

Book a table at The Sailor Northbridge and help support Tiare's Wish.