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Press Coverage


Press Coverage

Farwell to our Northbridge location.

We had a wonderful time becoming part of Northbridge and surrounding community.

We are thrilled that we can still connect through these amazing on-line platforms brought to life through COVID who would have thought it could have a positive side. So we wont say good bye but instead see you later.

On-line Classes

Classes are continuing to run on-line for those who wish to participate .

T1 is just about to start started .

We will be starting with a few drawing project while we make sure you have all the necessary materials for the term.

This term we will be looking at portraits in different ways and different subjects.

We will also look at landscapes and puppies.


Change of location for on-site classes.

We are relocating to the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.

We are still able to provide for our young artists through our on-line art classes


provide new experiences in our yet to be found new location.

Urgent Message
Take action before Wed 24th November 2021

Book a table at The Sailor Northbridge and help support Tiare's Wish.

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