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Watercolour Impressions

Watercolour Impressions

Learn how to paint quick and expressive watercolours with fewer brush strokes.
This can be done by choosing one focal point of interest and then applying one decisive first brush stroke rich in pigment then leaving it alone.
Work with large size brushes (sizes 12 or 16) adding shape against shape, stroke by stroke and almost never going over same area twice and in the process, leaving large areas of paper untouched.
Our aim will be to create atmosphere by using a limited palette, oversimplifying shapes and avoiding adding too many details regardless of complexity of subject matter.
We will learn how to make very basic pencil sketches and later throughout the course, no pencil at all, starting painting directly with brush . This approach is fun, rather quick and gives paintings that fresh and spontaneous look.

ABOUT YOUR TUTOR: Born in Croatia in 1958, Tony Belobrajdic is a full-time figurative artist. He started exhibiting in late seventies and had his first solo show in 1983 in Croatia. Tony relocated to New York in 1987 where he continued his art practice.
He has been living and working as a Freelance Artist in Sydney since 1989 and divides his time between his studios in Sydney and Croatia, exhibiting regularly in both in Sydney and Europe.

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