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High School Art Workshops

High School Art Workshops

This program is designed for teenagers (12+) who enjoy art and are ready to be introduced to more complex techniques and ideas in a fun, art-school environment.
Each term is different and In order to give the students a comprehensive experience, it comprises a wide range of workshops which appeal to this age group.
Each workshop is presented by tutors who practice art in different areas such as Portraiture, Manga, Illustration, Character Design, Screen-Printing, Digital art and Book-Binding along with more traditional topics such as Art Theory / Art History, Watercolour Painting and Drawing.

Term 2 covered Animation, Visual Diaries & Lino Printing.
Term 3 covered Portraits in words, Painting – exploring historical artists and Sculpture including Manga /Comic Characters and embossed sculpture.

Term 4 offers another exciting program comprising of 3 blocks x 3 weeks each as follows :

Colour Theory – creating a T-shirt – Liia Reinvali

17th October, 24th October (no class 31st October due to Halloween) and 7th November

Learn about Hue, Lightness and darkness of color, colour Schemes, Color meaning, warm and cool colors.

T-shirt Students create mandala printing plate that will be used for their T-shirt. Students to choose 1 color scheme for their mandala. Note Please send T-shirt size via email to by 10th October.

3D Sculpture – Comic Character – Tutor Ken Chu

14th November - 28th November

Take your Sculpting techniques to the next level.

If you attended Term 3 (however it is not necessary that you have) we will be taking what you learnt in term 3 and expanding your knowledge to make a 360 degree sculpture

The sculpture workshop will include colour and 3D comic characters to create a 360 degree sculpture using paper air dry clay.

Students will learn :-

  • Understanding paper clay and tools
  • Character design, 3D intermediate level and sculpting
  • 3D figure colouring, adding shading and painting techniques

Note : Do not have to have attended Term 3 to do this course.

You can’t make a painting with that! – Tutor Matt Hamra

5th December – 19th December

Ever thought sponges were just for washing up? Or that paint rollers were for house painting? ...well...think again young artists.
In these three sessions, some unusual objects combined with some unusual ideas will make for some great effects and weird and wonderful paintings.
Creativity abounds and imagination is required.
Let’s unleash the inner artistic spirits and make art with a difference.

$480 Limited inc GST
High School Art Workshops

<p>This program is designed for teenagers (12+) who enjoy art and are ready to be introduced to more complex techniques and ideas in a fun, art-school environment.<br/>Each term is different and In

Term 4 2019 High School Art Workshops Enrolments open
Mid-term enrolments accepted

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.