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Introduction to semi-abstract figurative painting

Introduction to semi-abstract figurative painting

Introduction to semi-abstract figurative painting
Suitable for beginners to intermediate
with Artist Ethne Benn

Checklist will be supplied.

A process that is designed to allow you to accomplish an exciting semi-abstract figurative small work within a day. No prior drawing/painting knowledge is necessary. As much as this course is ideal for beginners, it will also benefit intermediate artists who have never dabbled in figurative work. It’s a great place to start.

About Ethne

Ethne has been teaching for eight years. Working with absolute beginners, taking them through a journey of highs and lows, learning about acrylics, inks and a host of different mediums.
She also works groups of artists dedicated to growing and experimenting with mark making, underlying composition and creating differences in their work which excite the eye. The results are really pleasing and impactful.

Ethne started out as a representational artist working in oils and was featured in galleries in her native Johannesburg, South Africa. After immigrating to Australia in 2008, Ethne began her meaningful journey into abstraction. This move influenced her more realistic work and after striving to paint more freely and spontaneously, and with the influence of mark-making in Ethne’s work, it has allowed her to introduce more intuitive accents into her figurative and floral works. It has also taken Ethne on an evocative and emotional journey into expressive landscapes

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