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High School Art Workshops - Stage 4 - (7-8)

High School Art Workshops  - Stage 4 - (7-8)

Enrolments now open for Term 2, 2020

This program is designed for High School students (Stage 4 - (7-8)
Over the term students will explore a range of art skills and materials. This can include painting, sculpture, design, printing, drawing, digital and fibre.
They will be involved in discussion of art history, art language skills, art concepts and developing ideas.

Each workshop is presented by tutors who practice art in different areas.

Examples of what they will cover :-
Colour theory
Design principles
Perspective & Proportion
Digital Skills BYOD
Development of their own style and ideas

Block 1 – Term 1 – Thur 12th March – 2nd April

Fundamentals of Design – Tutor Ken Chu

Project : Poster / Magazine cover layout design ( related with basics portrait drawing / painting )

Students will learn :-

  • Understanding design elements : Shape, Form, Balance, Texture and Line
  • Simple / basic typography setting
  • Basics portrait drawing / painting ( related with design elements)
$436.5 Limited inc GST
High School Art Workshops - Stage 4 - (7-8)

<h2 id="EnrolmentsnowopenforTerm22020"><strong>Enrolments now open for Term 2, 2020</strong></h2><p>This program is designed for <strong>High School students (Stage 4 - (7-8)</strong> <br/>Over the


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