About Our Adults Art Classes

About our adult art classes

We provide a variety of weekly, one day and weekend workshops across a variety of mediums and disciplines.
Our instructors/tutors are all artists in their own right and have wide experience in teaching art to adults and being surrounded by a range of beautiful and ever-changing artworks in the Gallery, is truly inspirational.

ONLINE and onsite ADULT ART CLASSES will be running during term 3. A great way to stay connected and creative.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that by exploring a variety of mediums and simplifying the language of art, everyone can learn the techniques of artmaking and and the art they produce to be an expression of their feelings and ideas.
We aim to encourage imagination and creative expression, develop self-confidence and cultivate a love of art. Students are taught to develop their own style in a positive, nurturing environment.
Process is considered more important than final product with each artwork involving a learning experience not the production of a masterpiece.

Adult Programs

Adult programs generally begin in the second week of school terms and run for 9 weeks (in some cases 8 weeks). If individual circumstances make this impractical, depending on the course, we may be able to negotiate a pro-rata enrolment prior to commencement. During our Adult Classes, we present instruction in a variety of mediums and address a range of skill levels. It is not suggested that beginners will become proficient artists within a single term so we strongly suggest that students consider enrolling for multiple terms.

Some courses are more structured and require enrolment for specific periods. Course availability is subject to sufficient numbers of participants.

We are keen to widen the range of instruction the school provides and anticipate that in the near future, we will provide classes in Photography, Life Drawing, Digital art and other exciting ‘new-age’ art media. Feedback and Expressions of Interest in art topics are always encouraged.

Art Therapy Sessions

Art Therapy can be a great benefit to a wide range of people, including:

  • Expectant Mothers
  • New parents
  • Adolescents and teenagers ncluding those transitioning from Primary to Secondary school or Secondary to Tertiary study
  • Adults in need of work-life balance or recovering from illnesses
  • Our aging sector

Attached is a link to an informed TED TALK about the power of Art Therapy which we think you will find interesting.
We are seeking Expressions of Interest in Art Therapy sessions and if this is of interest, we encourage you to go to the Adult Art Classes section to record your details.

Weekend & One Day Workshops

At Gallery 307 Art School, we pride ourselves in offering small class sizes, so you get the maximum personal time with your tutor.
Expressions of Interest are sought for these fascinating workshops which take place at regular intervals.

Social Art Sessions

Our Social Art Sessions provide a forum for anyone with an interest in art to meet, have a chat in a relaxed environment and to explore the direction they might take with their art work.