2019 Art Prize Winners - YOUTH

Northbridge Youth Art Prize Winners 2019

Showing : 22nd September – 11th October, 2019

A very big thank you and congratulations to all the children who entered the Northbridge Youth Art Prize. Every single piece was just amazing and we know Jane Gillings had a very hard time judging.

Grand Prize Winner

Xinqui (Bella) Zheng
The BRUSH is mightier than the sword

1st PRIZE – 4-6 Years 2-D

Mikhail Li
My Neighborhood

2nd PRIZE – 4-6 Years 2-D

Ginger Melhem
Lori Lori

1st PRIZE – 7-10 Years 2-D

Alma Zentner-Pitman
Resilient City – View from the window

2nd PRIZE – 7-10 Years 2-D

Lillian Kirk

Highly Commended 7-10 years 2-D

Niksha Pizurica
Slug City

Highly Commended 7-10 years 2-D

Nicolas Marx
Green City

1st PRIZE – 11-14 Years 2-D

Xinqui (Bella) Zheng
The BRUSH is mightier than the sword

2nd PRIZE 11-14 Years 2-D

Pascaal Meleo

1st PRIZE – 15- 18 Years 2-D

Kyle Washington

2nd PRIZE – 15- 18 Years 2-D

Zhaotong (Lucy) Lu
Colour a New World

1st PRIZE – 4-6 years3-D

Meina Takagi

2nd PRIZE – 4-6years 3-D

Mavis Li
Colourful City

1st PRIZE – 7-10 years 3-D

Olivia Gao
My Resilient City

2nd PRIZE – 7-10 years3-D

Martin Zentner-Pitman
A Beautiful City

1st PRIZE – 11-14 years 3-D

Rainy CHEN
Sustainable Sydney?

2nd PRIZE – 11-14 years3-D

Michelle Hong
Sydney Art Rediscovered

1st PRIZE – 15-18 years 3-D

Olivia Parker
Riding the Landscape

Peoples Choice Award

Kyle Washington