2018 Art Prize

Northbridge Art Prize 2018

The Northbridge Art Prize is an annual exhibition showcasing the exciting and diverse talents of emerging and established artists (both local and interstate) and will be followed in September by the Northbridge Junior Art Prize. The competition is now in its 13th year with over 100 entries entered and displayed each year.

Entries 2018:

104 extremely high quality art works were entered for the 2018 competition all of which were submitted for judging by our Judge, Nick Vickers, BA Visual Art, Dip.Ed., M Art Admin.

Exhibiting artists were Francis Allan, Lisa Allshire, Karen Atkins, Helen Barnett, Rose Basile, Erika Beck, Sueanna Brown. Sharon Candy, Susanna Chen Chow, Amy Clarke, Anne Cockle, Robyn Coleman, Evelyn Davis, Susie Devenport, Dana Dion, Pamela Drewett Smith, Brenda Duncombe, Peter Fairfax, Jume Fernandez, Elaine Foulsham, Elle Foy, Midori Furze, Fran Garrett, Xavier Ghazi, Peta Gischus, Tina Hamson, Jill Harris, Amanda Harrison, Nora Hosking, Linda Joyce, Anna Laerkesen, Elizabeth Langreiter, Yvonne Langshaw, Caroline Larcombe, Ali Mak, Chris Martin, Melissa McElhone, Kevin Mckay, Lyndall Mckee, Gail Mckenzie, Libby Mewing, Pamela Morrison, Heather Noakes, Linda Olstein, Andjana Pachkova, Katrina Parbery, Hiren Patel, Susannah Paterson, Sandra Peterson, Louis Pratt, Cheryl Richardson, Angelina Riley, Amelia Ruggerio, Katy Ryko, Judy Smith, Nicholas Solomon, Margaret Taylor, Claire Tozer, Felicity Unwin, Richard Ward, Stephen Way, Marie Larraine Weir, Sally West, David Wiggs, Paul Williams, Stephen Williams, Patrice Wills, Basia Zielinska.


Opening & Awards Ceremony:

The exhibition was opened on Sunday 1st July 2018 by her Workship Gail Giles Gidney, Mayor of Willoughby who spoke warmly of the place which Gallery 307 plays in the Northbridge community. Nick Vickers announced the winners, runners-up and commended works and spoke briefly of the high quality of the works and the difficulty of deciding on the awards.
John Klein, Marketing Manager of Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre announced that the winning works will be displayed in Chatswood Chase from 31 July to 12 August and announced a collaboration between Gallery 307 and Chatswood Chase for the provision of daily childrens' art workshops during the School holidays.

Exhibition times:

Tues – Fri 10am–5pm, Sat 10am–4pm from 1st to 20th July 2018

All but one of the works are for sale. (we accept all major credit cards).


Address: Gallery 307, 305-307 Sailors Bay Rd Northbridge 2063

The 2018 Children’s Art Prize competition will be held in September 2018.